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Rise Above

Set on our gorgeous ranch in the Treasure Valley, Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery is where you begin your journey to long-lasting recovery. We have created a unique environment where individuals cultivate growth and foster purpose in their lives. We utilize a 12-step foundation, which means you will progress through your recovery by engaging in the most clinically sound program in Idaho.

You will experience the beauty of Idaho’s magnificent surroundings by participating in our adventure therapies. You will learn to activate your abilities by learning and practicing the life skills obtained during your stay with us. You will unlock the joy of life that awaits you in sobriety.

Welcome to Eagle Creek Ranch. Rise above.

Our Core Values:
  • Goals that are larger than ourselves
  • Integrity
  • Quality over quantity
  • Recovery without fun is not recovery
  • Speak the truth
  • Show respect
  • Take responsibility
  • Embrace change
  • Never give up
  • It’s okay to make mistakes
  • Be grateful and have perspective

Our key programs focus on having a passion and a purpose while you are in recovery. While you’re here at Eagle Creek Ranch, you will engage in traditional, evidence-based addiction treatment methods.

However, you’ll also enjoy a vigorous set of therapies that go beyond the walls of a treatment facility.

  • A supportive environment
  • 12 Step foundation
  • Clinically sound
  • Adventure therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Character development
  • Fostering life potential

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Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery

Mission Statement

We guide individuals to recovery and open their eyes to a life full of adventure and joy. We teach people to rise above who they were and what they have experienced. We support them in their journey as they “Trudge the road of happy destiny.”

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